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Home Shipments Of Chemical Goods

Shipments of chemical goods are a rather complex and laborious process which requires the most accurate compliance with all security measures. Our company carries out transportation of chemical goods of various groups, among which there are:

  • monoethylene glycol (MEG)
  • linear alkylbenzene (LAB)
  • alkylbenzenesulfoacid (ABSA)
  • alkalis and many others

Each of these types requires a tank specially adapted to a particular cargo. Thus, heat-insulating steam-heated containers are available in our fleet for transportation of chemical goods that require keeping a certain temperature constant, and also we offer solid fire-resistant tanks to transport highly explosive and flammable goods.

 Chemical goods are transported in aluminum or steel tank trucks. If various chemical cargoes are transported in the same vehicle, tank trucks equipped with a multi-section system separating liquid cargoes are used. Shipment of liquid cargoes by tankers is carried out under strict supervision of the shipping company and, on request the customer may at any time check the location and condition of his cargo.  Our fleet consists of tank trucks that meet all the ADR requirements.

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